Joint Lions handover held

Lions district governor elect Steve Fawcett does the official handover to new club presidents Peter Story, for Cowell Lions, and Phil Butterworth, for Cleve Lions. PHOTOS: BEV STORY 414898_01
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Cowell and Cleve Lions Clubs held a joint handover dinner at the Franklin Harbour Hotel on Tuesday, June 18.

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Lions’ zone chairwoman Anne Marie Fawcett was master of ceremonies for the meeting.

Her husband, Lions district governor elect Steve Fawcett, conducted a joint handover ceremony for both clubs, including the ceremonial handing over of the gavel.

Peter “Stax” Story is the new Cowell Lions president, taking over from Allan Zerna, while Phil Butterworth was reinstalled as Cleve Lions president.

Other Cowell Lions board members are newsletter editor Allan Zerna, secretary Jack Kaden, Kim Baum, service director Phill Wake, treasurer Bruce Francis and catering officer Geoff Turner.

Cleve Lions has a new secretary in Chris Tarran, while Lorraine Deakin continues as treasurer, Robin Evans as vice president and Lyndon Briese as tail twister.

New Cowell Lions member Marco Munayco was inducted into the organisation by Steve Fawcett, with his sponsor Peter Story, also committing to support him as a member.

A number of Kimba Lions were among the 45 people to attend the dinner meeting and expressed a wish that the three clubs in close proximity could hold joint events more often in the future.

Eyre Peninsula Advocate senior journalist Bev Story gave the toast to Lions International – paying tribute to the many community events Cleve, Cowell and Kimba Lions were involved with at a local level, as well as contributing with fundraisers to many Lions health and research foundations.

Steve responded and reminded Lions, including new members, that they were all part of an international organisation, which had the aim of reaching 1.5 million members internationally by 2027.

Cowell Lions’ Geoff Turner thanked Allan Zerna for the amount had done during his term as club president.

“It would be remiss of our club if we didn’t acknowledge the job that Allan has done over the past five years,” Geoff said.

He said as well as doing a really great job Allan had brought his sense of humour to members, both at meetings and in club newsletters.

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