Double success for Sharks

Lance Stasinowsky lines up a shot for Tumby Bay Vikings. PHOTO: RICHARD NORRIS
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Tumby Bay Sharks enjoyed double success in the latest round of Port Neill tennis last weekend.

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The juniors scored a big win against Port Neill, 11 sets to four, while the senior side triumphed 11 sets to five.

In other senior matches, Ungarra trounced Tumby Bay Vikings 14 sets to two, while Tumby Bay Stingrays downed Tumby Bay X-Rays by eight sets.

The closest match of the round was the junior clash between Vikings and Ungarra, with the Tumby outfit getting home nine sets to six.



Tumby Bay Vikings nine sets, 77 games def Ungarra six sets, 66 games

Doubles: Jaiden Jefferson/Brodie Burford def by Winston Telfer/Henri Bates 5-7; Jalen Burgoyne/LeRoy Calderwood def by Indiah Bates/Jeffrey Telfer 5-7; Eade Calderwood/Brock Burford def Piper Bates/Marika Telfer 6-4; Fletcher Barnett/Maya Drewer def by Levi Charlton/Monty Charlton 5-6; Koa Barnett/Eloise Turnbull def Unknown/Unknown 6-0.

Singles: Jaiden Jefferson def by Winston Telfer 3-6; Brodie Burford def Henri Bates 6-0; Jalen Burgoyne def Indiah Bates 7-6; LeRoy Calderwood def by Jeffrey Telfer 2-6; Unknown def Piper Bates 6-4; Brock Burford def Marika Telfer 7-6; Fletcher Barnett def by Levi Charlton 0-6; Maya Drewer def Monty Charlton 6-2; Koa Barnett def Unknown 6-1; Eloise Turnbull def Unknown 7-5.

Tumby Bay Sharks 11 sets, 79 games def Port Neill four sets, 61 games

Doubles: Cory Ottens/Oscar Byrne def Rylan Jefferson/Hunter Smith 7-5; Macy Hartwig/Elka Hartwig def Max Pucci/Cooper Hibbins 6-1; Ella Kitson/Lexi Turnbull def by Thea Foster/Zac Jefferson 5-7; Tyler Kitson/Nevaeh Bates def by Rahni Smith/Unknown 4-6; Summer Newton/Jackson Turnbull def by Ethan Lawrie/Scarlett Southern 0-6.

Singles: Cory Ottens def by Rylan Jefferson 1-6; Oscar Byrne def Hunter Smith 6-0; Macy Hartwig def Max Pucci 6-4; Elka Hartwig def by Cooper Hibbins 3-6; Ella Kitson def by Thea Foster 3-6; Lexi Turnbull def by Zac Jefferson 3-6; Tyler Kitson def by Rahni Smith 3-6; Nevaeh Bates def by Unknown 3-6; Summer Newton def by Ethan Lawrie 5-7; Jackson Turnbull def by Scarlett Southern 6-7.


Ungarra 14 sets, 96 games def Tumby Bay Vikings two sets, 30 games

Doubles: Tyson Brae/Winston Telfer def by Tom Baldissera/Jonah Fatchen 2-6; Chelsea Franks/Jaiden Jefferson def by Max Baldissera/Richard Norris 4-6; Jalen Burgoyne/Lance Stasinowsky def by Luke Forrest/Malachi Fatchen 0-6; Rob Turnbull/ Bek Hayes def by Melinda Baldissera/Sydnee Lockwood 0-6.

Singles: Tyson Brae def by Tom Baldissera 0-6; Winston Telfer def by Jonah Fatchen 2-6; Chelsea Franks def by Max Baldissera 3-6; Jaiden Jefferson def Richard Norris 7-6; Jalen Burgoyne def by Luke Forrest 0-6; Lance Stasinowsky def by Malachi Fatchen 0-6; Rob Turnbull def by Melinda Baldissera 0-6; Unknown def by Sydnee Lockwood 0-6.

Reverse doubles: Chelsea Franks/Tyson Brae def by Tom Baldissera/Max Baldissera 3-6; Winston Telfer/Jaiden Jefferson def Jonah Fatchen/Richard Norris 7-6; Jalen Burgoyne/Rob Turnbull def by Luke Forrest/Melinda Baldissera 2-6; Lance Stasinowsky/Bek Hayes def by Malachi Fatchen/Sydnee Lockwood 0-6.

Tumby Bay X-Rays four sets, 56 games def by Tumby Bay Stingrays 12 sets, 80 games

Doubles: William Turner/Nicholas Cave def by Henry Breen/Michael Curtis 3-6; Jacob Cave/Tristan Carr def by Lachlan Gale/Jagga Cross 1-6; Conrad Noske/Brodie Burford def by Danny Collins/Richard Murphy 0-6; John Van Der Lans/Rebecca Burford def Maisie Curtis/Demi Elliott 6-1.

Singles: William Turner def by Henry Breen 5-7; Nicholas Cave def by Michael Curtis 2-6; Jacob Cave def by Lachlan Gale 3-6; Tristan Carr def by Jagga Cross 5-7; Conrad Noske def by Danny Collins 3-6; Brodie Burford def by Richard Murphy 2-6; John Van Der Lans def Maisie Curtis 6-1; Rebecca Burford def Demi Elliott 6-0.

Reverse doubles: William Turner/Jacob Cave def by Henry Breen/Lachlan Gale 2-6; Nicholas Cave/Tristan Carr def by Michael Curtis/Jagga Cross 2-6; Conrad Noske/John Van Der Lans def by Danny Collins/Maisie Curtis 4-6; Brodie Burford/Rebecca Burford def Richard Murphy/Demi Elliott 6-4.

Port Neill five sets, 58 games def by Tumby Bay Sharks 11 sets, 85 games

Doubles: Ashton Hartwig/Trent Bates def by Nick Bates/Paul Jefferson 4-6; Jadyn Cox/Caleb Prime def by Rylan Jefferson/Andrew Bates 0-6; Jarrod Prime/Unknown def Holly Bates/Mitchell Bates 7-5; Unknown/Unknown def by Caitlin Jefferson/Emily Lawrie 2-6.

Singles: Ashton Hartwig def Nick Bates 6-4; Trent Bates def by Paul Jefferson 2-6; Jadyn Cox def by Rylan Jefferson 1-6; Caleb Prime def Andrew Bates 6-4; Jarrod Prime def by Holly Bates 3-6; Unknown def by Mitchell Bates 4-6; Unknown def by Caitlin Jefferson 2-6; Unknown def Emily Lawrie 6-1.

Reverse doubles: Ashton Hartwig/Jadyn Cox def by Nick Bates/Rylan Jefferson 5-7; Trent Bates/Caleb Prime def Paul Jefferson/Andrew Bates 6-4; Jarrod Prime/Unknown def by Holly Bates/Caitlin Jefferson 4-6; Unknown/Unknown def by Mitchell Bates/Emily Lawrie 0-6.

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